Point Loma will transfer units from regionally accredited institutions to count toward a bachelor's degree at PLNU.  Each transfer course is evaluated individually; the course description will be compared to the content and requirements at PLNU to determine equivalency.  For additional information, review PLNU's catalog policy on transfer credit.

A combined maximum of 70 units may be transferred to PLNU from the following sources (with no more than 32 units of exam/JST credits):

General Education Transfer Guide:
A comprehensive guide to help prospective transfer students select transferable GE courses.

Transfer Agreements:
A list of approved General Education (GE) courses that will transfer to PLNU from various local colleges, Nazarene institutions, and other commonly attended institutions.

Transfer Student Orientation:
A step by step checklist for transfer students who have been accepted into PLNU.

Advanced Placement Credits (AP):
An unofficial guide to AP scores for incoming students. A maximum of 32 AP units will be accepted for transfer to PLNU. Students who need to request their AP scores may contact the AP Board at 1-888-225-5427.

SAT/ACT and Additional Placement Tests:
An informative reference to help incoming students determine which requirements may be waived at PLNU based on standardized test scores.

Transfer Approvals for Current PLNU Students:
The following instructions have been created specifically for students who are currently attending PLNU.  If you are a prospective transfer student, please contact your Admissions counselor for information on transferring to PLNU.