Transfer Credit for Current Students

The following instructions have been created specifically for students who are currently attending PLNU. If you are a prospective transfer student, please contact your Admissions counselor for information on transferring to PLNU. 


Obtain Written Approval

Before enrolling in a course at another institution, be sure to stop by the Records Office to obtain written, official approval. Please remember to bring a catalog description of the course you plan to take or if it is an online course, you will also need a syllabus showing threaded discussion. Your Academic Records Specialist will ask you some clarifying questions, help you fill out a transfer credit approval form or an academic policy petition, and possibly refer you to an academic department. Remember to submit your petition to the Records Office for the final approval; we keep this copy in your file and refer to it when transferring your course to PLNU. 


Complete Transfer Course

All courses must be completed for a letter grade, within one year of the approval. If the course you intended to take is full and you decide to register for an entirely different course, this new course must be approved by the Records Office as well. 


Send Official Transcripts

After completing a transfer course, request official transcripts (in a sealed envelope) from the other institution and designate that they be mailed directly to the Records Office at PLNU (not Admissions). Once the transcript is received in our office, your Academic Records Specialist will evaluate and enter it onto your PLNU transcript within 2 weeks of receipt.

PLNU Records Office
3900 Lomaland Dr.
San Diego, CA 92106


Check Your Portal

As soon as a transfer course has been added to your PLNU transcript, you will be able to view it on your portal by clicking on the "Unofficial Transcript" link. If you would like to make sure the course transferred for the appropriate requirement, please check your "Advising Guide" to see if the transfer course appears in the correct slot. If the course appears in the electives section at the bottom of your advising guide and it should be counting toward a major or GE requirement, please contact the Records Office immediately at (619) 849-2289.