Graduate Student Forms

Application for Degree - 2011 Form (Must be filed by students who desire to be posted in an academic year by the first week of March.)

Application for Program Change Form (For students who desire to change academic programs--example: changing from Master of Ministry to M.A. Religion.)

Change of Location Form (For students who want to change the location of the regional center where they are studying.)

Change of Schedule Form (For students who want to add or drop classes.)

Grade Appeal Form (For students to file an appeal on their grade.)

Graduate Reactivation Application (For students who have been on Leave of Absence Status and are returning to their academic program of study.)

Graduate Readmission Application (For students who have not been gone more than 2 years who wish to return to their academic program of study.)

Leave of Absence Form (Permits students to leave their academic program for up to 180 days in a 12 month period.)

Verification Release Form (This document gives permission to release student information to a third party.)

Withdrawal Form (For students who wish to withdrawal from their academic program.)