Office of Distinguished Scholarships


Dr. Diana Cordileone
Colt Hall


The list below contains just a few of the prestigious national scholarships available for PLNU students.  Please contact Dr. Cordileone for more information.


For undergraduates

Boren Scholarships – Will provide funding for approved study abroad in geographic areas that are deemed important to US interests and underrepresented in study abroad: Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe; Eurasia, Latina America and the Middle East. (Western Europe, Canada, Australia & New Zealand are excluded).    Campus Deadline: January 29, 2011.

Critical Language Scholarships - Intensive study of a critical language in a 7-10 week summer experience. (An excellent first step for one of the more advanced awards listed below)

Morris K. Udall - College sophomores or juniors with outstanding potential who study the environment and related fields.  Up to $5,000 for each year of support.  (Sophomores can apply twice). [Strong service component required. See Dr. Cordileone].

DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service provides some funding for students to study in Germany. Awards and amounts vary, see website for details. Some knowledge of German required.

James Madison Junior Fellowships - For students about to complete undergraduate work and plan to attend graduate school on a full time basis leading to the Master’s Degree in: American history or political science (government), Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in American Constitutional History, Government,or political theory, Master of Education (MEd) with a concentration in American History, Government, Political Institutions or Political Theory. Up to $24,000 support over the period of study.


For Graduating Seniors

Fulbright ETA (English Teaching Assistant) – One year abroad teaching English 12-15 hours per week to high school students. Dozens of countries- many do not require knowledge of the host language.  Salary, health insurance and transportation (round trip) provided. Student loan bills waived for year. Lots of free time to attend local universities or learn the local language. 

Seniors should apply the FALL of their senior year. Campus deadline:  SEPTEMBER 30, 2010.

Fulbright Student  Program - Some scholarships for recent B.A.s to receive international experience. Usually involves a research concept and some knowledge of the host country. (website and deadlines above).

Marshall Scholarship – Two years of study in any discipline at a university in the United Kingdom leading to a degree.

NSEP Flagship Language Fellowship - A two year award that addresses the need for study in languages urgent for national security. Applicants must have a minimal proficiency in one of the languages of the program which include Arabic, Mandarin, Persian, Korean, and Russian. See website for full details.

Mitchell Scholarship  - One year of graduate study at any university in Ireland.  Campus deadline:  Late August

Knowles Science Teaching Foundation - Support for exceptional students who plan to become science or mathematics teachers in US High Schools.  Support for credentialing within five years of completing the undergraduate degree in biology, a physical science, mathematics or a related field. Deadline:  Mid-January