Smart Borrowing

PLNU strongly encourages smart borrowing. Students should know the repayment plans before accepting any loans. Loans that show up as "Financial Aid Awarded" on your award letter are maximum amounts; reduced amounts can be accepted. Borrow only what you need! Please take five minutes to go through Financial Awareness Counseling before accepting loans.


Graduate PLUS Loans

Graduate students at PLNU may also be eligible for the Graduate PLUS loan. The Graduate PLUS loan is intended for graduate students whose educational costs exceed their maximum Direct Loan eligibility or for students who have met their aggregate direct loan limit ($138,500 combined undergraduate and graduate unsubsidized and subsidized loans). Although the loan is not based on need, the FAFSA must be completed. The Graduate PLUS loan is a credit-based loan.

For information concerning the interest rate for the Graduate PLUS Loan, visit

For information concerning the origination fees for the Graduate PLUS Loan, visit

Repayment begins 60 days after the loan is fully disbursed. There is no grace period for Direct PLUS Loans. However, you can postpone payments on your Direct PLUS Loan while you are in school by contacting your loan servicer. If you are not sure who your loan servicer is, visit: The National Student Loan Data System.

For more information on Graduate PLUS loans, please visit