Costs & Payment

Undergraduate Tuition (2016-17)

Semester Cost

Year Cost

Tuition (12-17 units)*



Less than 12 units



Units in excess of 17



Room and Board Charges (2016-17)

Semester Cost

Annual Cost

Unlimited Access + $50 Dining Dollars



 15 Meals/week + $50 Dining Dollars



180 Meals/semester+ $200 Dining Dollars
+ 10 Guest Meals/semester 



120 Meals/semester + $200 Dining Dollars
+10 Guest Meals/semester 



30 Meals/semester 



Room & Board details can be found here.



Fees (2016-17)

Semester Cost

Year Cost

General Fee



Dorm Fund



Health Insurance**



Graduation Fee***



Tuition Refund Insurance



* Nursing Program Fee is $2,250 above the regular tuition rate per semester.
**For more information regarding health insurance and how to accept or decline it, please click 
***This is a one-time fee administered in the semester the student graduates.


Summer Costs

Undergraduate Tuition - Summer 2016Rate
Registration Fee$20/session
On-Campus Housing*$196/week
30 Meals + $20 Dining Dollars$265*
40 Meals + $20 Dining Dollars$290*
50 Meals + $20 Dining Dollars$340*
80 Meals + $20 Dining Dollars$530*
Add On Block - 5 Meals$28*

*Meal plans are required for all on-campus students; all plans are the total number of meals for the summer.

Tuition and Fees noted above are for the stated academic year and are subject to change annually. For more information on tuition & fees, please refer to the undergraduate catalog or contact a Student Financial Services advisor. 
Point Loma Nazarene University provides an interest-free monthly payment option to undergraduates for a minimal fee. Contact Student Financial Services at (619) 849-2538 or via email at for more information.

These figures do not include the cost of books, supplies, special fees, transportation or personal expenses.  You can view the Cost of Attendance budget with the indirect costs used to calculate financial aid here.