If a student withdraws from PLNU during a semester, a portion of the student’s financial aid may have to be returned.  To begin the withdrawal process, a student must contact the Records Office.  Refunds and returns will be determined by the last date of attendance as determined by the Records Office.  If a student does not begin the official withdrawal process, the last date of attendance is determined in consultation with the Records Office.


Federal Aid is returned according to the Return of Title IV Funds process as mandated by Federal Law. PLNU is required to use the Return of Title IV Funds process to calculate the unearned portion of financial aid received and return it according to the federal schedule. Students begin earning financial aid from the first day of class. The percentage of financial aid earned is determined by dividing the number of days the student completed in the term, by the total number of days in the term. If the student attended 60% or more days, the student can retain all aid originally awarded. If the student attended less than 60%, PLNU will return funds accordingly.

Funds will be returned in the following order:

•Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan

•Subsidized Federal Direct Loan

•Federal Perkins Loan

•Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan

•Pell Grant

•SEOG Grant


Example: If there were 109 total days in the term and the student completed 54 days, the student would earn 49.5 percent of the Title IV aid received (54/109 = 49.5%).  In our example, the student originally received the following federal awards for the term:



Pell Grant

$  2,775.00

SEOG Grant

$    600.00

Subsidized Federal Direct Loans

$  2,723.00

Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan 

$     990.00

Total Federal Aid  

$ 7,088.00



Per the government’s formula, the student earned $3,509 (49.5% x $7,088 = $3,509).  Next, we need to determine the amount of aid that needs to be returned to the Title IV programs (total federal aid originally received minus aid earned).


Total Federal Aid Originally Received        

  $ 7,088.00

Total Federal Aid Earned    

- $ 3,509.00

Total Federal Aid to be Returned

  $ 3,579.00


NOTE: The student is responsible for any owing balance this may cause on the student’s PLNU account.


Cal Grant is returned according to the Institutional Refund Policy.

For example, if the student withdraws during the third week of semester-long courses, PLNU will return 75% of the Cal Grant disbursed.

Amount disbursed $4612 x 75% = $3459, PLNU will retain $1153.

Institutional Aid(Academic, Departmental, Athletic, and Endowed Scholarships, Church and Institutional Grants, etc.) is returned according to the Institutional Refund Policy.

For example, if the student withdraws during the fourth week of semester-long courses and received a Provost academic scholarship, PLNU will return 50% of the amount disbursed.

Amount disbursed $3500 x 50% = $1750, PLNU will retain $1750

Tuition Remission is equal to the amount charged.

For example, if the student withdraws during the sixth week of semester-long courses, the student will be charged 75% of tuition cost.

Cost of tuition is $14450 for the semester x 75%.Tuition Remission = $10837.50.

VA and Other Outside Agency Awardsare returned according to the agencies’ policies.

Private Loan Funds are returned according to the Institutional Refund Policy. Upon the student’s request, PLNU may retain funds to pay any balances, since this is a private loan that the student must pay back.