At PLNU, your room and board experience is more than great food and a nice view.  It is a community experience, where students encounter the challenging and rewarding aspects of living in a Christian community, whether that may be at dinner or in your residential hall.  Below you will find Room and Board options that will satisfy the most finicky diners and those who eat throughout the day.

Room and Board Charges (2016-17)

Semester Cost

Annual Cost

Unlimited Access + $50 Dining Dollars



15 Meals/week + $50 Dining Dollars



180 Meals/semester + $200 Dining Dollars 
+ 10 Guest Meals/semester



120 Meals/semester + $200 Dining Dollars 
+ 10 Guest Meals/semester



30 Meals/semester


Dining Dollars
allow you purchasing power in the amount included in your meal plan and can be used at Point Break Cafe, Bobby B's Coffee Company, Breaker's Convenience Store, Jamba Juice (located on campus) and the Nicholson Dining Room.

Residential Students who do not formally choose a meal plan are assigned to the 15 meals/week + $50 Dining Dollars plan.  All unmarried students living in residential housing who are under 23 years of age are required to board at the Nicholson Commons Dining Room under one of the meal plans listed above.  Residential students are permitted to change meal plans through their student portal during the first two weeks of the semester only.  Residential students will not receive credit for unused meals or dining dollars.  For more information about residential halls, visit Residential Life.

Incoming Freshmen will be defaulted to the 15 meals/week plan and can ONLY choose to increase to the Unlimited Plan.

Commuter Students have the option to purchase commuter meal plans through their student portal.  Commuter students may add additional meals at any time but will not receive credit for unused meals.  Please see the meal plan options below.


Commuter Meal Plans  Semester Cost
Go Green - 30 meals/semester + $100 Dining Dollars*$335
15 meals/semester + $50 Dining Dollars$185
25 meals/semester + $50 Dining Dollats$250
35 meals/semester + $50 Dining Dollars$315
45 meals/semester + $50 Dining Dollars$380
55 meals/semester + $50 Dining Dollars$445
65 meals/semester + $50 Dining Dollars$510
75 meals/semester + $50 Dining Dollars$575

* 5% of purchase price goes to campus sustainability.

For more information about our dining facilities, visit Loma Dining.