Point Loma Forward Grant 

The Point Loma Forward Grant (Need Grant) is awarded to students with financial need and who meet all eligibility requirements.  To be considered, the student must file a FAFSA.  The student must be packaged with all forms of need-based aid before being packaged with a Point Loma Forward Grant. Students may be eligible for a Point Loma Forward Grant up to $8,000. This is limited to 25% of unmet need, as determined by the FAFSA.

Church Scholarship, Nazarene Grant-in-Aid and District Grants

The Nazarene Matching Grant program is for Nazarene students from the Southwest Educational Region of the Church of the Nazarene (#9), which is comprised of the following Districts:  Anaheim, Arizona, Central California, Hawaii, Los Angeles, New Mexico, Northern California, Sacramento, Southern California, SW Latin American, and Western Latin American.

The program consists of three awards: the Church Scholarship, the Nazarene Grant-in-Aid, and a District Grant. In order to receive these three awards, the student’s home Nazarene church must send PLNU a Church Scholarship check (up to $250 per year). PLNU matches this with the Nazarene Grant-in-Aid (up to $250 per year) and also applies the appropriate District Grant (amounts vary). A student whose home Nazarene church does not participate in the matching grant program may still be able to receive District Grant funds if the church’s pastor sends a written request to the Student Financial Services (SFS) Office on church letterhead.

For students living on-campus, these three awards can be used to help pay tuition and mandatory fees or on-campus room and board charges. For students living off-campus, the awards are restricted to tuition and fees. Neither the Church Scholarship nor the Nazarene Grant-in-Aid can be refunded to the student. However, for off-campus students whose total financial aid exceeds semester charges, the student may use District Grant funds to purchase meal tickets, provided that a FAFSA has been filed and the student demonstrates remaining financial need.

Students may receive the Church Scholarship, Nazarene Grant-in-Aid and District Grant during the fall and spring semesters only, for up to ten regular semesters. Full-time enrollment (12 units or more per semester) is required through the end of the Refund Period.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact the church and request that it send the Church Scholarship check to PLNU. If the church does not send the money, the Church Scholarship, Nazarene Grant-in-Aid, and District Grant will be removed from the student’s financial aid package.

The student should contact the church as early as possible during the academic year to find out if there are any special eligibility requirements (i.e., a minimum period of church attendance, church involvement, etc.) or if it requires submission of an application form.

Associated Student Body (ASB) and Resident Assistants (RA)

Students who serve as officers in ASB or Resident Assistants are awarded stipends for their service and treated as Financial Aid.  Both ASB and RA awards are treated as need-based if the student’s financial aid package includes any form of federal or state need-based aid. This means that an ASB or RA award may have to be reduced or in rare cases, canceled to prevent the student from being funded in excess of financial need.

RA awards are based off the maximum meal per-week plan. Please note that if the student changes to a lesser meal plan, the difference may not be refunded.

The contact person for ASB awards is the Director of Community Life. The contact person for Resident Assistantships is the Associate Dean of Residential Life.

Departmental Awards

Each year, various academic departments award a limited number of departmental scholarships to selected students. Students should contact their academic department for applications and deadlines. Students in their freshman year are not eligible for these awards.