It is important that you keep an eye on your student account, even after paying in full, because there are many reasons that your account balance may change. Below are a list of reasons that your student account balance may change after the first bill.


Lender Fees

The initial statement of account will include the actual amount of aid for which you have been awarded, but it will include an estimate of the amount of origination fees that your lender will subtract prior to sending the funds to PLNU. Lenders are allowed some flexibility in the amount of fees that they charge, so it is possible that the amount that posts to your student account will be slightly different than the amount of aid that appeared on your first statement of account. For more information on specific lender fees and benefits, please visit our online Guide to Choosing A Lender.


Changes in Registration

 If you register for 12-17 units, you will be charged a “block” tuition rate. This means that your tuition costs will not change when you add or drop classes within 12-17 units. However, if you make a change to your registration that brings you outside of block tuition, you will see a change in your tuition costs.

Some courses carry additional fees that will be charged regardless of whether or not you are within block tuition. For example, if you add a science lab with an associated fee, you will be charged the lab fee even if you are not charged for additional units. Also, if you add a private music lesson you will be charged a Private Music Lesson Fee as well as a Practice Room Fee.

If you register for an Independent Study (or Directed Study) course, you will be charged a $250 fee per unit in addition to any tuition costs. For example, if you register for a 3 unit Independent Study course that brings you to 18 units, you will be charged for the one unit of tuition which is above block tuition and you will be charged an additional $750 fee ($250/unit). If you add an independent study course, but remain within block tuition, you will only be charged the additional $250/unit.

For more information regarding specific fees, please refer to the Tuition and Fees section of the Undergraduate Catalog.


Manual Charges

We endeavor to ensure that all charges are placed on your student account prior to sending out your first statement of account. However, there are some charges that must be placed manually and may hit your account after the first bill has been sent out.


Room and Board Changes

All on-campus students are assigned a standard meal plan, which is included in the room and board charge that appears on a student’s first statement of account. Students have the option to change their meal plan during the first two weeks of each semester. If a student chooses a larger meal plan, this may create a balance owing on a previously-paid student account.


There are various fines that may hit your student account at various times during the semester as well.

Chapel Fines

Each PLNU undergraduate student is required to attend a certain number of chapel services, unless they have been granted an official waiver. According to institutional policy, 1- 5excessive chapel absences will result in a fine of $5 for each absence and 6 or more excessive chapel absences will result in a fine of $20 for each absence in excess of 5. Chapel fines are placed on student accounts at the end of each semester.

For more information regarding chapel attendance, please see the Spirtual Development webpage here.


Dorm Fines

Residence Hall fines are placed on student accounts when a Residence Hall policy is violated. Most commonly, these fines are placed at the end of each semester or at the beginning of holiday breaks, when hall inspections take place. Students are expected to follow proper checkout and safety procedures.


Public Safety Fines

Parking and Public Safety Fines are placed on student accounts if they have not been paid or appealed within 10 days of the ticket issue date. For more information regarding public safety policies, please visit their webpage here.