Tutorial Services

The Tutorial Center will re-open Monday, August 29th for Fall Semester. Please call (619) 849-2486 if you have questions.

The Mission of the Tutorial Center is to provide academic enrichment resources to assist all students as they manage the demands of multiple course requirements.

Balancing your academic success with your internship, late-night burrito runs, and Bible studies can be challenging. At the Tutorial Center, we’ll support you with everything you need to succeed—whether it’s learning test-taking techniques, getting help from a tutor, using technology to read and write, or editing a research paper.

Our tutors offer individual or small group tutorial sessions for many courses. You can schedule appointments 24 hours in advance at (619) 849-2593.

We also offer special review sessions before exams in several courses. Our paper editing sessions are in-depth and catered to our students' needs. These services are free for PLNU students.

The Tutorial Center also offers parents of elementary, junior high, and high school students the opportunity to book private tutors from our roster. Our tutors' expertise include Biology, Chemistry, Math, Writing, Spanish, English, History, Philosophy, and more. 

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 (619) 849-2593

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Check out our Recommended Apps!

We dedicate ourselves to finding the best technology that will help our student body with their grades, time management, and much more! Stop by to see a list of our most up to date apps for your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Tutoring for Summer School 2016

Tutoring is offered during the summer for PLNU undergraduate students registered for courses taking place on the main campus. By appointment only. We currently have summer tutors for the first session (May 9 - June 10) only for these courses: 
1. Lydia Ciccarelli: SPA 101 & SPA 102 - M,T,W,TH 1-5pm - schedule tutoring with her by emailing laciccarelli101@pointloma.edu
2. Brittney Hamilton: SPA 101 & SPA 102 - M-F 8-3pm (hours will change in June) schedule tutoring with her by emailing bhamilton9593@pointloma.edu
3. Dottie Rhoten: MTH 203 & MTH 303 - M,T,W 9-12pm schedule tutoring with her by emailing dottierhoten777@pointloma.edu