What do we offer?

Get Tutoring

Sometimes a little extra time outside of the classroom can make all the difference! 
Join us for individual or group tutoring in over 100 courses.    
We hire qualified tutors recommended by their professors. They’ve succeeded in the courses you’re in now, so you know they can help!
Our tutors can help explain course material, clarify assignments, and review before exams. 

Edit Your Papers

Our tutors can help you during the writing process—from brainstorming and outlining to editing. Schedule an exclusive session with one of our paper editors and you can leave with a well-advised, polished piece for class.

Attend Review Sessions

Big exam heading your way? Come review with us before exams in many G.E. and major courses. See the Lomalink for a list of our current and regularly scheduled review sessions.

Learn Study Strategies

Looking for advice from experts? Come learn from our director about time management, reading skills, and studying, or pick up brochures on useful topics such as mnemonics, note-taking, research papers, and test preparation!

Use Computer Programs

Whether you need a program to help you write assignments, to read class texts to you, or to improve your reading and comprehension skills, we have one to help!

  • With Open Book, you can scan a book or document then have the program read it to you.
  • AceReaderPro can track and improve your reading speed comprehension.
  • ZoomText makes reading easier by magnifying and enhancing text.
  • Our Read & Write program reads text aloud and also helps you write accurately with word prediction and advanced spell check.
  • Inspiration helps you visually brainstorm topics and create outlines for your papers.
  • With our voice recognition program, Dragon Naturally Speaking, you can speak instead of type written assignments.

We also have other programs and services available for you—just stop by, email us at TutorialServices@pointloma.edu, or call at (619) 849-2593 to make an appointment!