Marketable Securities

Consider giving marketable securities as an investment in the lives of PLNU students.

Gifts of Marketable Securities

Each year, many donors choose to make gifts for the benefit of PLNU using marketable securities such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.  Appreciated marketable securities often offer greater tax-wise advantages than gifts of cash or other resources.  When donating shares, donors not only receive a charitable deduction for their current value, but donors will also avoid paying capital gains tax on the increased worth.   There are just a few steps to follow to ensure proper processing and designation of your donation.  The downloadable Donation Guides below will assist you in making a gift of marketable securities to PLNU.  Downloadable forms are also included below.

Donation Guide Marketable Securities - Wire Transfers and Transfers of Physical Certificates (pdf download): This Donation Guide provides step-by-step instructions for donating securities held in either of the following ways:

1) For securities held on account at a brokerage firm or bank.  Securities are transferred via Electronic Delivery through Depository Trust Company (DTC). 

First Republic Bank
DTC Account #0443
Pershing LLC
Point Loma Nazarene University
Account Number: 33L-110666

2) For securities physically held by donors who are planning to deliver the securities in person or who plan to send them by certified mail.

*The documents below will assist you as you prepare to make a gift using marketable secrities. The Donation Guides provide detailed instructions for completing and submitting these documents.
  • Donation_Direction_Form (pdf download): Complete this form to advise PLNU of your intention to transfer securities to the University.
  • Stock Bond Power Form (pdf download): If you are transferring securities electronically, complete this form according to the instructions in the Donation Guide.  This form should be delivered along with the Donation Direction Form, either by person or by mail.
  • Sample Letter of Instruction to Broker (pdf download):  This sample letter may be used as a model for notifying your broker of your intention to transfer securities to PLNU.  This form may not be necessary if you are communicating with your broker via phone, fax, or email.  (Please check with your broker if you are unsure of the need for a letter of instruction.)

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