Glen & Gladys

A Loving Legacy of Endowed Scholarships 


planned givingThe Cliftons have been a part of the PLNU family as students, parents and donors. In 1991, they established the Clifton Endowed Scholarship Fund in memory of Gladys' father Captain Dale R. Simonson, United States Coast Guard. Since the establishment of that scholarship, many students in music, education, and business have benefited from the family's generosity.

The Cliftons have taken advantage of establishing an endowed scholarship by adding to it over the years. In December 2004, Mr. Clifton contacted Steven Holly, Regional Director for Planned Giving in the Sacramento office. The Clifton's were considering transferring a stock that was no longer yielding the dividends they had expected. Rather than sell it and take the capital gains tax, they wanted to know if it could be transferred to PLNU and added to the scholarship. After assuring Mr. Clifton that this was indeed a fairly straight forward process, Holly contacted the Clifton's broker with the transfer information. A few days later there was a significant addition to the Clifton Endowed Scholarship.

The Clifton's request demonstrates the flexibility of establishing an endowed scholarship. The originator, friends, and family can easily add to the scholarship as a way of honoring the memory of a loved one and at the same time assisting deserving students in their pursuit of a quality PLNU education.