Meet Ian


Ian McKay first gained an interest in politics when he got behind the wheel for the first time and his driving instructor turned out to be his city’s mayor. That example of a politician doubling as a civil servant stuck with Ian.

“You see him on the news, but then the next day he’s up at seven in the morning to teach teens to drive – that really impacted me.”

When it came to choosing a college, it was between PLNU and a school in his hometown of Holland, Mich. In Holland, there was the opportunity of a lifetime – to run for city councilman at the age of 18. Ian had his papers in order and was ready to enter the race when he realized PLNU was an equally irreplaceable opportunity.

Even though he didn’t end up running for office, Ian says about PLNU that it’s “hard to imagine not having this place.” But politics have not escaped his enthusiasm. Coming off a term as executive secretary for ASB his sophomore year, he is spending his junior year as student body vice president as well as president of College Republicans. He wants to open up bipartisan dialogue on campus and get his fellow students active in the community. He also completed an internship for the city manager’s office in his hometown.

In the end, Ian’s ultimate desire is to find his way back to politics or policy making. He’s been encouraged to see PLNU alumni launched into post-college adventures he admires, like going on to prominent grad and law schools – his hope for a next step after graduation.

He is thankful for a place like PLNU, where his goals and his faith can work in harmony – where making a difference comes naturally in this Christ-centered community.

Ian recognizes that support from the University Fund is making it possible for him to realize his desires and give back. He receives financial help in a myriad of ways, but he says every little bit counts.

“There are students at PLNU that work so hard to fund their education like myself. When someone donates, it becomes much more than a dollar amount, it becomes a message – one that screams ‘We believe in you,’ and to me, that means so much.”