Meet Luke

As a junior chemistry major at PLNU, Luke spent his summer on research with real-life application – research that could someday impact the lives of people he will never meet. Luke’s summer research focused on inhibiting the production of carcinogenic compounds when chlorinating water. Even as a college student, he is part of a bigger effort to prevent cancer-causing agents from being in our drinking water.

Luke and a handful of other students have had the extraordinary experience of working alongside Dr. Victor Heasley, a PLNU professor of chemistry for over 45 years. Thanks to the generous gifts from PLNU alumni and friends, Luke and his fellow researchers benefit from both the expertise and mentorship of Dr. Heasley.

Luke was also inspired to lead a covenant group, where students get together to talk about life and faith. “Cov-group is an environment where the guys can grow together spiritually,” said Luke. Being in a community grounded in faith has truly enhanced Luke’s college experience. “I knew my experience at PLNU would be different,” Luke said. “That’s why I’m so glad I got the support to go to school here.”

Luke first came to PLNU as a high school junior, where his class participated in a lab field trip. Luke was taken by what he experienced at PLNU. So it was no wonder when it came time to choose a place to attend college, Luke was drawn to PLNU’s interactive study with professors, and the opportunity for in-house summer research programs.

Luke’s scholarships enable him to attend PLNU. It’s through the generous support from alumni and friends of PLNU that students can experience such a meaningful combination of spiritual and academic growth. “Thanks to the scholarship support I’ve received, I am able to pursue my passion for studying chemistry,” said Luke. “My summer research program has allowed me an invaluable hands-on experience. I am very excited about the work we are doing, and I am so grateful for the investment others have made in my future – and the future of PLNU students.”