Career Ambassador Program

The Career Ambassador Program (CAP) offers  a select number of students each school year the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in the areas of career development and planning.  Each CAP member gains practical experience by leading peer-to-peer career coaching sessions.  These coaching sessions could include resume review, LinkedIn profile review and training, cover letter writing, interview preparation and more.  

If you are interested in joining the Career Ambassador Program, please contact Devin King at

Meet the 2015-2016 Career Ambassadors



Anna Boecker 

Major: Dietetics

Class: Junior

Strengths: Developer, Empathy, Woo, Restorative, Harmony

Dream Job: Letter Turner on Wheel of Fortune

Why I love OSV: I walked into OSV for the first time because I thought it would be a good idea (and OK, my mom might have made me do it...), and now it has become one of the best things that has ever happened to me in college. Everyone who works here is dedicated to your success by utilizing your personal strengths, and that is why I love OSV.


Austin Flanagan 

Major: Political Science

Class: Senior

Strengths: Competition, Futuristic, Learner, Analytical, Significance 

Dream Job: Sumo wrestler… but, if not an environmental lawyer would be a close second.

Why I love OSV: With OSV, dream jobs do come true. This office lives to see students aspirations turn into reality. It’s the place people come into with questions and leave with a clear focused drive. 


Emma Gocal

Major: MOCM

Class: Junior

Strengths: Context, Responsibility, Relator, Individualization, Belief

Dream Job: Soccer Mom

Why I love OSV: OSV is awesome because they turn your confusion into confidence giving you the tools and prep you need to step out into the working world.


Lauren Hartz

Major: Psychology

Class: Senior

Strengths: Harmony, Positivity, Context, Responsibility, Connectedness 

Dream Job: Career Coach

Why I love OSV: I love that our office strives to push all students to their next level. If you have no idea where to start or if you have a plan in motion we can and want to help you find vocational fulfillment. We care about the students that come through our doors as well as each other.


Jake Henry 

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Class: Sophomore 

Strengths: Achiever, Analytical, Individualization, Command, & Significance

Dream Job: Game show host for Wipeout

Why I love OSV: I love OSV because it allows me to assist others like Jesus did, but it still allows me to be the $wag M@$t3r. So it's a win-win situation. 


Olivia Hogelucht 

Major: Art Education

Class: Junior

Strengths: Strategic, Achiever, Significance, Activator, Positivity

Dream Job: Professional Snowboarder 

Why I love OSV: OSV is awesome because all of the people that work here are dedicated to the students and helping them land their dream job!


Bailey Webster

Major: Economics

Class: Sophomore

Strengths: Achiever, Restorative, Relator, Individualization, Analytical

Dream Job: Corporate Lawyer

Why I love OSV: I love OSV because it allows you to strive throughout college with essential and helpful tools which will then pave your future career path.  The mission of this team is catered specifically to each individual student, keeping in mind all unique strengths.


Layah Weiss

Major: Global Business

Class: Junior

Strengths: Developer, Positivity, Belief, Context, Relator

Dream Job: Multilingual World Traveler

Why I love OSV: I love the culture and welcoming atmosphere of OSV and the support this office offers to students who need direction and the tools to succeed! The OSV team is here to walk with students throughout their college journey and career exploration!