How to Post a Job, Internship or Volunteer Opportunity!

Thank you for your interest in posting an employment, internship or volunteer opportunity for PLNU students and / or alumni!  Whether it is one position or more, we are happy to assist you with this important process!  We appreciate your consideration of our exceptional students!

Our university has a complementary online program for families, churches, and businesses who are interested in employing our students and alumni. For this process, I invite you to visit the PLNU site, Point Connections. On this site, you will register for an account and create a listing to post your position. When you visit the site for the first time, I would advise that you select 'Register and Post a Job' as that will allow you to complete both steps at one time.

When you are creating the job posting and are at the category, 'Desired Class Level,' you may choose multiple levels by selecting the Ctrl key at the same time as clicking on the specific class levels.

When you have the opportunity to proceed with this process and you submit your posting(s) for review, you will receive an email confirming when your employer account request has been approved and each position has been formally activated to our Point Connections site.

Please contact Debra Lively, Employment and Internship Coordinator, at if you have any questions or if our office may assist you further with this process. Thank you again for your consideration of PLNU students and alumni!