Creating a New Student Position



Posting an Opening for an Existing Position
Creating a New Position
Temporary Student Employees (Work Corps)
Job Fair

How to Post a Job Opening

If you need to post an ad for a pre-existing student position in your department, you should go to and indicate that you are an on-campus employer.  Under "Hiring a Student Employee," click on "Post a Job Listing."  This will take you to our new software that allows supervisors to post job openings and students can apply for them online.

*Please note that training is required before you post for the first time.  Contact HR to arrange training.

How to Create a New Position

Periodically, a department may need to hire a student employee for a new position. Before hiring, that department must create a job description for the new position, which must then be approved through the Student Employment Office. In most cases the process is very simple:

  1. Make sure there is enough money in your budget to pay a new student employee at least $8.00 an hour (depending on the job) for the duration of their employment.
  2. Develop a job description including the job’s location, duration, contact person, and how to apply, as well as the required applicant qualifications, duties, and responsibilities. Be thorough and up-front with the details so that students will know what to expect. E-mail this job description to the Student Employment Coordinator ( for review.
  3. If the Student Employment Coordinator determines that the position is a Level 1 minimum wage position, the job may be posted without further discussion.

However, there are some jobs that require special skills, training, or experience and may warrant a higher pay level. In these instances:

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2, above.
  2. The Student Employment Coordinator will compare the job description in question with other jobs already in place on campus and tentatively assign it a comparable pay rate. (You will be notified immediately if it appears that the job will warrant a pay rate higher than minimum wage.)
  3. The Student Employment Coordinator will bring the job and proposed pay level before the Vice President of Student Development for final approval.

          The job may now be posted.

Temporary Student Employees (Work Corps)

The Student Employment Office offers a “temp service” to on-campus employers who need occasional student assistance (e.g. bulk mailings, special events, etc.). The Work Corps, as it is called, is a group of students who have already completed employment paperwork and who are established in PLNU’s payroll system—thus they are available and eligible to work on short notice. The Student Employment Office maintains a bulk voice mail list for these students. Simply contact us with your temporary employment need and we will pass the information along to the Work Corps.

On-Campus Job Fair

PLNU currently has no tradition of an on-campus job fair, but we hope this will change in the future. The Student Employment Office vision for the On-Campus Job Fair is as follows:

The Campus Mall will be reserved for the fair one afternoon during the first week of school in the Fall. Various departments on campus will send representatives to service the informational booths. At these booths, students will be able to learn about the different aspects of each department and the types of jobs available in each area, thus increasing the students’ ability to choose a job relevant to their interests and/or course of study. This will also give recruiters a chance to meet (and possibly interview) prospective employees before hiring and to advertise their departments to the campus. Employers may even want to accept applications on site and keep them on file to meet future hiring needs.

The Job Fair could conceivably allow students to search, interview, and be hired for a job all in one afternoon, which would also serve to meet departmental hiring needs in an expeditious manner. Of course, departments will be under no obligation to do their hiring at this fair alone. We understand the need of many departments to have at least a skeletal student staff in place as soon as school begins. However, job openings always arise, and there are many incoming freshmen and transfer students who will be eager to fill the need.