How to Hire a Student

There are many parts of the hiring process that are unique to the PLNU campus. Therefore, it is important for on-campus employers to know the proper procedure for hiring students. (You may also refer to the "Hiring Essentials" one page quick reference sheet provided in the online Student Employee Supervisor Manual.)

Deciding Who to Hire:

  1. Students will be using the PeopleAdmin program to apply online for available on-campus jobs and will need to complete a separate application for each job that interests them.  Please consider having the students submit a résumé and even a cover letter as this will teach them job search skills which will be invaluable to them when they graduate.
  2. As the hiring supervisor, you will receive an e-mail notification for every application submitted for each position you have posted. PeopleAdmin allows you to view candidate applications, track the applicants by deciding who you would like to interview--either by phone or in person, and proceed through the final  steps of indicating the candidates you have selected to hire and those you did not. 
  3. As you proceed through the various steps of reviewing applications, scheduling interviews, conducting the interviews, and making your final decisions, please ensure the process is as professional as possible!  Insist upon a complete application with résumé; if you interview them, request appropriate dress. If you interviewed a student but decided to not hire them, send them a personal e-mail to inform them of the outcome. For our students, going through the entire application and interview process will be helpful preparation for them!
  4. Finally, once you have hired a student employee, make sure that the student is completely aware of his or her duties and responsibilities, and has been amply trained to perform them well. (You may refer to the sample Training Checklist in the "Training" section of the Online Supervisor Handbook). 

The Paperwork:

Once a student has been hired, there are various items of paperwork that MUST be completed BEFORE a student may begin to train or work. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Complete the supervisor’s section of the Student Employment Authorization Form and ensure the student fills in his or her part. Please notify the Student Employment Office if you need to receive these forms.
  2. Request that your student employee visit the Student Employment Office with the completed Authorization Form. If the student has not been employed on-campus before, he or she must also bring acceptable documents along with the form to the Student Employment Office located in the Offices of Strengths and Vocation in the Ryan Learning Center, Suite 306. Acceptable documents include a current Passport/Passport Card or his or her Driver's License/PLNU Student ID and Social Security Card/certified Birth Certificate.
  3. After the student has visited the Student Employment Office and filled out the appropriate paperwork, the pink copy of the Authorization Form will be stamped "COMPLETED" and given to the student to return it to you, the supervisor. Please DO NOT allow any student to work or train before you have the stamped pink copy of this form in your hand! The completed pink form verifies that all the necessary paperwork has been filled out, ensuring that the student can legally work on campus.
  4. Students will be able to enter their hours of work on their online time cards or clock-in and out depending on the system the employing department utilizes within approximately 3 days after the Authorization Form has been completed. Time Card Instructions will be provided to the new student employee when they complete their visit with the Student Employment Office, but are also available online at