Hiring Essentials

  1. Review applications and decide which students to hire. Whenever possible, please give priority to those students who are eligible for Federal Work Study (if they are unsure they should call Financial Aid).

  2. Complete the supervisor’s section of the Student Employment Authorization Form (Let me know if you need a stack of these), and make sure the student fills in his part.

  3. Send the student to me with the completed Student Employment Authorization Form. If the student has never worked on campus before, he or she must also bring proper documents along with the form to my office (Rm. 140 Bond Academic Center). Note: The student may use other documents than the Social Security Card-contact the Student Employment Office for details.

  4. After the student has visited my office and filled out the appropriate paperwork, I will stamp “COMPLETED” on the pink copy of the Student Employment Authorization Form and send it back to the supervisor. Please DO NOT allow any student to work or train before you have the pink copy of this form in your hand! The completed pink form verifies that all the necessary paperwork has been filled out, ensuring that the student can legally work on campus.

  5. Online time cards will appear for each new employee approximately 3 days after the Student Employment Authorization Form has been completed.

  6. If you have any questions, please contact me! Phone: x2633, E-mail: studentemp@pointloma.edu