Student Employment seeks to help students discern and/or confirm their calling through their university work experience. This essentially means placing students in jobs for the purpose of financing their education. However, our wish is also to make on-campus employment as relevant to students’ career goals as possible, thus helping them know whether their ‘chosen’ career is truly the one they are ‘chosen’ for!

On-campus Supervisors and the Student Employment Office share a common goal—to enhance our students’ educational experience and prepare them for life after graduation. Student Employment not only allows us to teach students how to apply and interview for various jobs, but it also teaches students on-the-job skills that will prove invaluable in their post-graduation career searches. Spend a little extra time on your student employees: before hiring, interview them and honestly consider their résumés; develop a meaningful job description and discuss their duties with them upon employment; evaluate your student workers periodically. Let’s treat on-campus employment as an integral part of a Point Loma Nazarene University education.

Making PLNU’s Student Employment program successful is certainly a group effort! We hope that you will keep in close contact with us regarding your student employee job openings, notify us of filled positions, and even let us know when filling positions proves difficult. Our office is also available to answer all questions relevant to your student employees from payment issues to labor laws to conflict resolution. Feel free to let us know about things we are doing well, things that could be better, and ideas that could improve student employment for both you and your employees. Communication is the key to keeping the student employment process running smoothly.

In the coming pages, you will find detailed information on how to hire and manage student employees at PLNU. This handbook is intended to cover all aspects of student employment - great and small - so that new supervisors will have all their questions answered in one place. Hopefully, veteran supervisors will also find it a useful resource to which they can refer frequently. Also keep in mind that this handbook is only one facet of the newly re-designed Student Employment web site—look online at the Student Employment page and familiarize yourself with the other services we offer.