General Payroll Information

All PLNU departments use web time cards or web time clock.  Be sure your student knows which system your department uses.  The following are payroll procedures:  

  • All student employees are required to keep accurate records of their time worked and are prohibited from falsifying their time report or completing a report for another employee.  Such behavior may be grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • Pay periods are two weeks long and end on specific dates.  You can view these dates on the Pay Calendar provided in the Appendix section of this manual and by visiting the Supervisor’s online resource at under Online Supervisor Manual. 
  • Pay periods always end on a Sunday at midnight.  All of the time cards you receive for that two week period must be approved and submitted to the Payroll Office by the following Tuesday at noon at the latest.  Late time cards will result in late paychecks, no exceptions.
  • Pay periods may vary depending on school holidays.  Check with Payroll to verify these dates.
  • Paychecks are always issued on the Friday following the end of the pay period and are available at the Cashier’s Office located in Draper Hall any time after Chapel during the academic year and anytime during regular business hours.  
  • Students have the option of enrolling in Direct Deposit or having their income directed toward their tuition.  Students can discuss this in further detail when visiting the Student Employment Office.


Web Time Cards

Most departments use web time cards for their student employees. This is how it works:

1. The newly hired student employee returns a completed Authorization Form to the Student Employment Office.  At this time, the student will be given an instruction sheet on how to use the web time card system.  

 2. The Payroll Office receives a copy of the Authorization Form from the Student Employment Office, enters the information into the payroll system, and activates the student employee’s web time card. This part of the process may require several days. 

 3. Once the student’s time card is activated, he or she may log on daily to record the hours worked that day or enter all work hours at one time at the end of each week.  At the end of the week, the student will click the “Send to Supervisor” button.  The completed time card will be emailed to you for approval.  Please make sure the hours are accurate.  If they are not, return the time card to the student for correction.  

 4. Although the web time cards only record one week at a time, PLNU’s pay periods are two weeks in length.  Therefore, you should receive two web time cards from each employee per pay period.

 5. If you find frequent inaccuracies on students’ web time cards, you might consider developing a sign-in sheet to keep track of hours worked.  Or you might insist that student employees log on and fill in that day’s hours on their web time cards before leaving work at the end of every shift.


What if I want to Pay My Employees More?

We all want to pay our student employees more; they are a tremendous asset to our offices! However, in order to stay within the University’s budgetary limits, and to ensure that student employees campus-wide are given equal compensation for equal work, the Vice President of Student Development has established the following guidelines:

Automatic raises are given in increments of $.20/hour (except level 5 jobs which are at $.25/hour) according to the quantity of hours worked at that job. The Business Office tracks the number of hours worked by a student and will apply the raise automatically as soon as the student qualifies.

The following chart shows the current pay sThe majority of jobs on campus are level 1. (If you would like to know what level the student jobs in your department are classified as, this information is available from the Student Employment Coordinator). The top row indicates the number of hours a student has worked in his or her current job. Students receive an automatic pay raise after every 450 hours worked in the same job.


Student Employee Pay Structure


The only other way a student employee can receive a raise in pay is to move into a different position on-campus that has been classified at a higher level. Any such move must be approved by the Student Employment Office.