We believe in the importance of recognizing student employees for a job well done. Students who know their work is appreciated will work harder, will be happier employees, and will be less likely to change jobs frequently. This section details a few of the ways in which student employees are routinely recognized on this campus. Feel free to be creative and add new ideas to the list.

National Student Employment Week

Each year in early April the National Student Employment Association celebrates National Student Employment Week. This week is set aside to give special attention to our student employees whom we value so much. Look for emails, flyers, and other information from the Student Employment Office. Let’s make this a yearly campus-wide celebration!

Here are some ideas for honoring your student employees. Again, be creative and add to the list.

Hang posters and signs around your office about National Student Employment week
Have an office party (pizza, cookies, etc.) to honor your student workers, or a potluck meal to get them out of the caf. for a day
Give a card and/or gift certificate to each student employee with a thank you note for a job well done (be specific)
Decorate an office bulletin board with your employees’ pictures and blurbs about the great work they’ve done

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Student Employee of the Year

Each year at the beginning of the Spring semester you will be invited to nominate one or more student employees from your department for the Outstanding Student Employee of the Year Award. Nominees will be recognized at a reception during National Student Employment Week. The winner will receive a prize, and his or her nomination will be sent on to the state competition with a possibility of going on to the regional and national competitions. It is an honor for a student just to be nominated for this award, and it is a great way for you to show your employees that you truly value their contribution.

Employment Performance Reviews and Evaluations

Performance Reviews are designed for self-evaluation, encouragement, and motivation. It is recommended that you sit down with your student employees at least once a year to discuss their work performance strengths and offer suggestions for improvement. An evaluation form is provided online for you to use. If desired, make a copy of the completed form to send to the Student Employment Office, where it will be placed in the student’s file.

Ideally, this evaluation will provide an opportunity for both supervisor and employee to make suggestions and express concerns. Problems should be addressed as they occur so that this is not a time to air grievances that have not been previously addressed.

Exit Interviews

An exit interview is much the same as a performance evaluation, only it is completed at the end of a student’s term of employment. It may also be kept in the student’s file for future reference. There is also an Exit Interview form provided online for you to use.