Summer Employment


Summer Employment Eligibility

To work on campus during the summer, student employees must be PLNU students during the preceding spring semester and also registered for either the summer or upcoming fall semester at PLNU. Graduates may not be employed on campus the summer after they graduate unless they are taking summer classes at PLNU.

Free Room Contracts

Students will be eligible to live in the residence hall at no cost during the summer only if they:


  1. Are a continuing PLNU student.
  2. Complete the Free Room contract at the Student Employment Office and fulfill the terms thereof.
  3. Work on campus 30 - 40 hours/week for the full summer (day after graduation through the Friday before the fall semester begins).
  4. Take no more than the allotted time off. For most departments, the allotment is 5 working days of unpaid vacation and 2 working days of unpaid sick leave. Exceptions will be granted only under extenuating circumstances. Requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing to the Student Employment Office beforehand and are subject to approval by the Associate Director of Career Services and the Vice President for Student Development. Unapproved absences will result in a charge on your student account.
  5. Complete a summer Housing Contract with Residential Life, purchase a meal plan, and pay any incidental fees.

The free room contract is an extraordinary benefit offered to our students. It is of vital importance that both the supervisor and the student understand the contract and work together to fulfill it.