Step by Step Hiring Process


After you have accepted applications, interviewed applicants and decided on a student that you would like to hire, you must make sure that ALL paperwork is complete BEFORE they start to work on campus.

Student Employment Authorization Form

The first form that should be completed is a Student Employment Authorization Form . Most supervisors keep several of these forms in a file in their offices. More are available in the Student Employment Office. You must complete the Supervisor Section of the form and ask the student you wish to hire to complete the Student Section. The student should bring this form to the Student Employment Office.

I-9 Form

The second form that MUST be done (it is required by the U.S. Department of Justice) is called an I-9. This form is used to establish the student’s identity and eligibility to work in the United States. A student will need to bring documents to establish these. The ones used most often are a passport, or a driver’s license and a Social Security card. Please note: Once a student has completed this form the first time they are hired on campus, the I-9 is kept on file until they graduate. They do NOT have to complete this every time they get a job, just the FIRST time.

W-4 Form

The third form that is required is an IRS form, called a W-4 . This will be sent with a copy of the Student Employment Authorization Form to payroll. It only needs to be done the first time a student is hired on campus, unless there is a change in personal information that would cause a need to change the number of allowances claimed (e.g. the student got married.)

When ALL of the required paperwork is done, the supervisor will receive the pink copy of the Student Employment Authorization Form with a “Completed” stamped on it. Supervisors should not let students work until they have received this pink copy!