Career Assessments

Assessments can increase your awareness of your interests, values, and educational goals. They will also provide suggestions for occupations, which seem well suited to the type of person you are today. However, they DO NOT make decisions for you, hunt for your next job, or provide an authoritative list of those careers you should consider. Assessments are tools to use with your career planning but should not be used as a deciding factor. You owe it to yourself to gather additional information about your options so that continued evaluation and clarification may occur.

What is MBTI?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI™) is a practical tool for self-awareness with applications in:
• Team building
• Management and Leadership
• Dealing with Difficult People
• Coping with Stress
• Conflict Resolution
• Negotiation
• Career guidance and
• Building better personal relationships
 The MBTI was developed by Katharine Cook Briggs (1875-1968) and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers (1897-1980) from the ideas of Carl Jung as an instrument for understanding people through observation of their personality differences.
Today, it is the most widely used instrument for understanding personality differences, and also the most thoroughly underpinned with research and statistics. Over 70 years of research and development have demonstrated the reliability and validity of the instrument.
The MBTI is non-judgmental and allows people to gain an understanding of their differences, particularly with respect to how we take in data and give it meaning; how we make decisions, judgments, and take action; where our source of personal energy comes from and how we prefer to interact with the external world. Based on four dichotomies, the indicator produces 16 different personality types, each with its own characteristics and strengths.
The results indicate each individual’s strengths and unique gifts, while also pointing out vulnerabilities and areas for personal development..
Once you have completed your MTBI assessment, please e-mail Sandy Ische or call 619-849-2446 to schedule an appointment to review your results.

StrengthsQuest 2.0 and Coaching

Explore your top strengths one-on-one with a Gallup-certified strengths performance coach.  Learn how to succeed in academics, relationships, finding your life calling, and maneuvering around your weaknesses!

Informational Interview

Do you need to be connected to a professional for an informational interview? Maybe you are deciding to change your major and need advice from an expert. Let us help you connect with a professional for an informational interview.