General Definitions


Being Hired



General Definitions

Job Responsibility Statement

This is the statement found on the Student Employment Authorization form that you will sign when you are hired for a job on campus.

"I understand that my student employment is a responsibility for which I am being paid. Therefore, I am expected to confirm my work schedule with my supervisor and report to my job at the times assigned unless I am ill or have an emergency. If I am unable to work, it is my responsibility to arrange time off in advance with my supervisor. I understand that I cannot begin working or training until I have provided proof of my eligibility to work in the U.S. as specified in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

"I understand that my eligibility for student employment at Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) is contingent on my being currently enrolled in PLNU classes. When I graduate or withdraw from PLNU I must immediately resign from all on-campus student employment. In order to obtain summer student employment, I must be attending class Spring semester and be pre-registered for Fall semester or enrolled in summer school classes if not taking a Fall class.

"I understand that I may not work at PLNU as a student for more than 40 hours per week. If I have more than one on-campus job, I am responsible for accurately recording my work hours to ensure that I do not exceed 40 hours per week. I understand that for every 4 consecutive hours worked, I will receive a 15-minute break. Also, California State law requires that employees working over six hours in a day must take a half hour break after each five hours of work. This break must be shown on the time card."

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Philosophy of Student Employment

The Student Employment Office has been established to service you, the student, in furthering your career and educational goals. We believe that work provides you with educational experiences, opportunities for personal growth, career development and skills training. We also believe that work enhances the total educational program through the learning of responsibilities, attitudes, and processes associated with employment. We are dedicated to encouraging the establishment of a lifestyle of doing and thinking, of action and reflection and of service and learning. The Student Employment Office is a referral service to the students and San Diego community. We do not screen or interview employees or employers.

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Federal Work Study (FWS)

First, the term "Work Study" should not be confused to mean that you are paid to study, or that you may study while on a job. Nor is Federal Work Study (FWS) like a grant or loan where you receive the money in lump sums. It essentially is like a regular job where you work, then get paid for the hours that you worked in that pay period. Pay periods at PLNU are 2 weeks.

You should use the amount of FWS funds that you are awarded as a guideline for how much you should work to cover that amount of your school bill. PLNU and the Federal government use that dollar figure to designate how much of your earnings will be subsidized by the government. You do not have to earn all of an award amount and you may earn more than that amount at PLNU. The money earned through the FWS program will be paid in full by check to the student employee. All, part, or none of the money may be applied to your school bill - the decision is yours.

Work Study applies mainly to on campus jobs, but there are also off-campus Work Study opportunities available through the Cal-SOAP program. Cal-SOAP places FWS recipients in local schools in various positions, including the "America Reads Tutors" who work with elementary students on their reading skills, and "College Peer Advisors" who help high school students through the college application/admission/decision process. Please contact the Student Employment Office if you are interested in a Cal-SOAP position.

If you're not sure if you have Work Study or if you would like to find out if you qualify for Work Study please contact Student Financial Services at (619) 849-2296.

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Your supervisor is a professional hired by the University to perform and direct a large assortment of different tasks and services. They have jobs to do and want student workers, after an appropriate training period, to work efficiently and independently so that department functions are carried out without constant looking-over-the-shoulder supervision.

Since you will be working closely with your supervisor, naturally you will want to get along with them. Most supervisors share this feeling. Don't think they're heartless when they fail to "mother you" through the rough spots. It's part of the supervisor's responsibility to help you solve work problems and encourage you to be a problem solver. You will be held to a task even when it is a tough one and the results are less than perfect. Whether or not you will be a help to your supervisor and your fellow workers will depend on the efficiency and initiative you are willing to put forth.

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University Property

Lockers, desks, vehicles and all other University property must be maintained according to University rules and regulations. They must be kept clean and are to be used only for work-related purposes. The University reserves the right to inspect all University property to insure compliance with its rules and regulations without notice to the employee and/or in the employee's absence. You must receive prior authorization before removing any University property from the premises.

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Substance Abuse

PLNU seeks to provide a safe, healthy and productive work environment for all its employees. In accordance with this goal, the University strives to maintain a workplace that is free from illegal use, possession or distribution of controlled substances, as defined in Schedules I through V of the Controlled Substance Act 21, U.S. Code 812, as amended. Unlawful manufacture, possession, dispensation, sale, offer to sell, purchase and/or use of drugs and alcohol on the PLNU campus or its offsite locations or as any part of its activities, is prohibited. As a condition of employment, all employees of PLNU are required to adhere to this policy. In compliance with Federal Regulations, all employees will annually receive a copy of the PLNU Employee Substance Abuse Policy.

In addition, the PLNU campus and any off-site work locations sponsored by PLNU are non-smoking areas.

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Employees may not possess weapons or firearms on campus. Examples of weapons include hunting knives, martial arts weapons, and fireworks. A firearm is defined in section 12001 of the California Penal Code. California Penal Code Section 626.9(i) states that "Any person who brings or possesses a firearm upon the grounds of . . . any private university or college, unless it is with the written permission of the university or college president, his or her designee . . . shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for one, two or three years." For the purposes of this section, the Vice President for Financial Affairs shall be the President's designee. Any violation of the policy may result in administrative discipline and/or criminal prosecution.

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Sexual Harassment

The University is committed to providing its employees and students with an environment that is free from sexual harassment. Therefore, sexual harassment is strictly prohibited. Sexual harassment does not refer to occasional compliments of a socially acceptable nature. It refers to behavior that is not welcome, is personally offensive and creates an intimidating or offensive work or academic environment. Whether or not harassment occurred depends not on whether the act was intended to cause harm but the effect of the act on individual's employment or learning environment.

Sexual harassment can include a wide range of behaviors. For a list of such behaviors see the Staff Employee Handbook. A copy can be found in the Student Employment Office and the Office of Human Resources.

Any employee or student who feels subjected to sexual harassment, or becomes aware of an actual or potential harassment, should immediately report the incident either verbally or in writing to the Vice President for Student Development.

The University will immediately undertake effective, thorough and objective investigation of the harassment allegations. The complainant's right to confidentiality will be respected in both informal and formal procedures. If the University determines that its policies prohibiting sexual harassment have been violated, disciplinary action, up to and including termination, will be taken. There will be no reprisal or retaliation against the complainant. The University encourages its employees and students to report any incidents of sexual harassment immediately so that complaints can be quickly and fairly resolved.

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Equal Opportunity Employment

The University is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to making employment decisions on the basis of merit. We want to have the most qualified person in every job. University policy prohibits unlawful discrimination based on race, color, sex, age, national origin, disability or ancestry, or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state or local laws. This commitment applies to all persons involved in the operation of the University and prohibits unlawful discrimination by any employee of the University, including supervisors and co-workers.

To comply with applicable laws ensuring equal opportunities to qualified individuals with a disability, the University will make reasonable accommodations for the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified individual with a disability unless undue hardship would result.

Any employee who requires an accommodation in order to perform the essential functions of the job should contact their supervisor, and the Associate Director of OSV, and request such an accommodation. The individual with the disability should work with the University to identify an appropriate accommodations that he or she can perform a job. If the accommodation is reasonable and will not impose an undue hardship, the University will make the accommodation.

If you believe you have been subject to any form of unlawful discrimination, provide a written complaint to your supervisor or to the Associate Director of OSV. Your complaint should be specific and include the names of individuals involved and the names of any witnesses. The University will immediately undertake an effective, thorough and objective investigation and attempt to resolve the situation. If the University determines that it's policies prohibiting discrimination have been violated, effective remedial action will be taken commensurate with the severity of the offense. Appropriate action will also be taken to deter any future discrimination or retaliation. Whatever action is taken will be made known to you. The University will not retaliate against you for filing a complaint and prohibits retaliation by supervisors or your co-workers.

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Being Hired

Employment of Relatives

We are pleased to consider qualified student applicants who are related to employees. However, relatives will not be employed where actual or potential problems may surface regarding supervision, security, safety, or morale, or where potential conflicts of interest may exist. "Relatives" are defined to include spouses, children, siblings, parents, in-laws, and step-relatives.

In keeping with this policy, if two employees (student or staff) marry or become related, causing actual or potential problems such as those described above, one must apply to transfer departments or actually leave the University. The University will attempt to reassign one of the employees to another position for which he or she is qualified, if such a position is available. If the married or related employees do not make an appropriate adjustment within thirty days of this new relationship, the University will make the decision for them. PLNU will take the needs of the University and the employment history and job performance of both employees into account.

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Departments recruit student employees in several ways:

  • Posting available jobs on the On-Campus Job Board.
  • Hiring from the students within their major.
  • Hiring from students who stopped by to inquire about available jobs. 

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Priorities for Hiring

At PLNU we are committed to employing the most qualified and, whenever possible, most financially needy students for student employee positions. Following are the priorities for hiring:

  1. Continuing Work-Study students.
  2. Continuing PLNU students. These are students who have attended the last regular semester of classes, as well as the current semester.
  3. Incoming freshman and transfer students. 

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Hiring Process

Once you have accepted the position offered, you will need to see the Associate Director to fill out all appropriate paperwork before you start working or training. View a list of required acceptable documents.

You will be filling out 3 forms; a Student Employment Authorization Form (for each department), an I-9 for employment eligibility verification, and a W-4 for tax purposes.

Your supervisor will need to complete the bottom portion of the Student Employment Authorization Form (SEA).

Once the paperwork has been completed you may begin working or training.

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Employment Relationship

Employment is at the will of either the employee or PLNU. This means that you may quit at any time with or without cause and PLNU may terminate your employment at any time with or without cause. There is no promise that employment will continue for a set period of time, nor is there any promise that your employment will be terminated only under particular circumstances. No agreements to the contrary may be made unless specific, in writing, and signed by you and the President of PLNU.

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For further policies (i.e. working and long term issues), please view Part 2.