Additional Opportunities

PLNU Work Corps

The Work Corps is designed to meet occasional or temporary employment needs on-campus such as large departmental mailings or a major event which needs staffing as well as off-campus projects for people in our community who enjoy hiring PLNU students for temporary / short-term jobs. If you are interested in performing short-term project work, please visit Debra Lively, Employment and Internship Coordinator, and request a Temporary and Occasional Work Form.  Once you have submitted this form and completed the necessary student employment legal documentation, she will contact you as on-campus and off-campus jobs become available.



There are several e-mail 'listserves' that students may register for to be notified of temporary or occasional jobs such as childcare, housework, yard work, personal care, and miscellaneous jobs. Here's how it works ~ when a community member calls Debra Lively, Employment and Internship Coordinator, and expresses a need for a temporary babysitter, gardener, etc., she will send an e-mail to the listserve members providing the details of that specific job and the employer's contact information. It is then the students' responsibility to contact the employer directly for details and to communicate interest in the job. To join this team of students, please visit Debra Lively and request a Temporary and Occasional Work Form. Once you have completed and submitted this form, she will contact you when jobs in the areas of interest you have specified become available. 


Dining Services

There are some great advantages to working in Dining Services: the pay is $.20/hour higher than most jobs on campus and you will already know you have a job on campus before you arrive. The hours are flexible, your meals are free while you are on duty and you can move into your residence hall before the crunch starts. In addition, there are opportunities for you to advance in food services throughout your university career. Positions are available in both the Dining Hall and special event Catering.  If you would like to work in Dining Services, please visit the Dining Hall and request to complete an application.