Are you interested in being a Strengths Leader? Strengths on Point Leadership is one of the BEST leadership opportunities on campus and here is why: it is meaningful, you get to significantly help others, it is probably the smallest time commitment of any leadership role on campus, and it feeds YOU and helps YOU become the best you possible by focusing on YOUR strengths and personal growth. Download the application here and email us at

Want to Learn More About Your Strengths?

Students, Staff, & Faculty -  If you'd like to understand your five strengths better, how to apply them to  life, and manage  weaknesses through strengths, please visit the Strengths on Point website for more information.

Parents - For more information about how you can get more involved in StrengthsQuest as a parent, please visit the Parent Connection webpage

What is StrengthsQuest?

Each PLNU student takes the StrengthsQuest assessment, a 30 minute online assessment tool created by Gallup aimed at finding an individual's top five themes of talent or strength. customized report  lists your top five strengths as well as tips concerning how to productively apply them to your life.  This tool helps students gain insight on how they can use their strengths to be successful personally and academically as a student at PLNU.  


For a paragraph description of all 34 themes of talent click here.

For more information about the Clifton StrengthsFinder, we invite you to visit the following Gallup websites:

About Strengths Finder 2.0



Strengths Leadership Opportunities


Request a Strengths Name Placard

Request a new strengths name placard that displays your top 5 strengths.



Strengths on Point Seminars

Are you interested in learning more about Strengths? Learn more about upcoming Strengths on Point seminars.


Strengths on Point Sessions

It's all about you for one hour! 
Sign up for a session and spend an hour diving into your top 5 strengths and learning how to live them fully in your life.