Problems with the Ustream App?

Video is not playing on my app.

1.Try shutting the app down completely; then re-open it.  In most cases, we've found that this resolves the problem (particularly with iPad & iPhone users)

2. Check your connection.  If you are on 3G, it's possible that is the problem.  Even if you are on 4G, if there is significant congestion in your area, it could cause problems watching video.

Try switching your mobile to WiFi if possible.

Video is playing but buffering every few seconds.

That means that you don't have sufficient bandwith to watch video.  Try switching your device to WiFi if possible.


I can't find the video stream on this app!

Just enter the search term "PLNU" in the search field on the app.  You'll see our stream.


Troubleshooting video on a PC

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