Miles Moynier

Miles Moynier - Guitar

  • Adjunct Faculty - Guitar


"Mr. Moynier has been performing as a professional guitarist in the Southern California region for over 25 years. During that time he as also been the guitar instructor at Point Loma Nazarine University.  Mr. Moynier has studied classical guitar with many renowned players in the U.S. including Christopher Parkening, Manuel Baracco, and Doug Neit.  In addition to classical guitar, Mr. Moynier also specializes in Jazz and Nuevo Flamenco stylings.  He has written and/or arranged numerous pieces from various musical genres for solo guitar.   Many of these works can be found on his eight CD releases (iTunes, Amazon, or Miles' web page).


GUITAR STUDY AT POINT LOMA. We offer many directions and styles for the aspiring guitarist whether they are novices, commercial players, jazz enthusiasts or those aiming for the concert stage. For the novice, there are two classes available. Guitar 1 (MUA151) is aimed at beginners and covers basic chords, scales, strumming and note reading.

PRIVATE GUITAR instruction can also be tailored for beginners, intermediate or advanced players. The lessons are structured to meet the student's individual needs and typically involve the following:


INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED NON-MAJORS. Through the FRETBOARD THEORY PROGRAM the student learns basic theory as it "lays" on the fretboard allowing the student to spell any chord and create their own voicings. This includes learning and performing scales and arpeggios based on the various chord forms along with understanding and use of chord-scales. This information is continually applied to performance (improvisation, chord-melody soloing, etc.)


GUITAR MAJOR. This is a four-year program that involves a thorough study of Classical Guitar technique and literature and culminates in a Senior recital. The student masters left and right hand techniques using scales, arpeggios and various pieces from the literature including music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern periods."