An Alternative Spring Break

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Students, staff, faculty, PLNU President Bob Brower, and a few members of PLNU’s cabinet spent their week of spring break building a new sanctuary and parsonage for the Rosarito Church of the Nazarene.

The project was an undertaking of Lazarian World Homes, and co-sponsored by PLNU’s International Ministries Office and the Center for International Development. Lazarian World Homes is a nonprofit organization that builds environmentally conscious, affordable, and long-lasting structures all over the world. The organization was born out of a partnership involving PLNU, Baylor University, and the Armenian Relief and Development Agency.

In Rosarito, the president of Lazarian World Homes, Ken Coil, trained and worked alongside the volunteers to construct the new sustainable structures. Both the church building and parsonage were built with polystyrene foam blocks, concrete, and steel rebar.

The Lazarian Insulated Concrete Form blocks do not absorb moisture, resist pests, and contain fire retardant materials. They are filled with concrete after being set, resulting in effective, low-cost, eco-friendly structures. Each structure has an estimated economic life of 40-50 years, and approximately 90 percent of the home can be recycled.

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