Communication Scholarship Recognized

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Communication Scholarship Recognized

 A recent article in the journal Communication Education, 61(4) asks the question: “Who are the most prolific researchers in Communication Studies for the years 2007-2011?” This is the most recent periodic assessment of scholarly productivity in communication.  These assessments began appearing regularly several decades ago, and more recently, have been published every 5 years. Three PLNU communication professors, including Drs. G.L. Forward, Kathleen Czech, and Clark Greer, fared vary well in this summary of professional achievement in the discipline.

 This evaluation of productivity is based on a selection of 24 different journals that have historically been considered representative of the communication discipline generally. In the 5-year period under consideration, 3,501 different communication scholars published at least 1 article in this set of journals. Results revealed that G.L. Forward placed in the top 10% of published scholars within these journals. Additionally, Kathleen Czech placed within the top 25% and Clark Greer within the top 30%, of published communication researchers in these journals.

 It is important to note that this is just one indicator of professional achievement, among others. Nonetheless, the authors of the article note that these data could (and should) be used in decisions relative to hiring, tenure, promotion, and recognition of scholarly productivity. Congratulations to Professors Forward, Czech, and Greer for their contribution to communication studies, as well as their contribution to PLNU’s growing academic reputation.