Communication & Theatre Department Hosts 14th Annual Television and Film Festival

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Point Loma Nazarene University

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Date: October 6th 2013

Written by: Kalyn McMackin



Communication and Theatre Department Hosts 14th Annual Television and Film Festival 


The Communication and Theatre Department held its 14th annual PLNU TV and Film Festival on April 26 in Solomon Theatre. Sponsored by Point TV-Channel 23, PLNU’s student operated cable television station and TV-film production company, the festival highlighted the best student television and film work from the past year. Awards were handed out in several categories of both television to film. 

“This is a chance to recognize and honor above average to outstanding work and to encourage students to work hard…and raise the bar,” said Alan Hueth, professor of Communication Studies.   

The award for “Best Film” was given to Samantha Laurenti, Peter Varberg, and Melissa Gunter for their work on the film Stages, a story about a young man tormented by loss and tragedy leading him to endure the five “stages” of grief.  

“It was Sam Laurenti’s brainchild,” said Varberg, Director of Photography. “ She was sharing this idea [while we were attending PLNU’s Sundance Film Festival program] of how it would be cool to watch a protagonist go through his or her last 24hrs of life and that’s what we did.”

Taking home the award for best TV Writing was the new series “Tea Time with Betty and Lou Lou,” a show that highlights conversation between two ladies all over the world. Amy Cyr and Casey Rae-Maier both co-produced and wrote the series as freshman.

“It was a learning experience,” said Rae-Maier. “Everything was up to us and we had to figure everything out for ourselves unlike having a team and a crew to work with.”

Senior Annie Miller took home the award for “Best Overall TV Performer” for her work in news, drama and comedy productions during the past several years. Her work with Coastline News also won her the award for Best Consumer Reporter.

Julie McKibben, Gerrit Hoeks and Hannah Faria received awards for outstanding management of Coastline News, Point TV-Channel 23 and Point Radio. 

Other awards included:

Best TV Directing: Cory Clifton 

Outstanding TV Editing: Joshua Vandeermeer ( Late Night Loma comedy show)

Best News Anchor: Greta Wall (Coastline News)

Best News Package: Jacob Roth (“Mother Goose Parade” news package)

Best Sports Reporter: Amanda McCord (Coastline News)

Best Weather Reporter: Hannah Faria (Coastline News)

Best TV Technical Director: Shelby Escobedo (a variety of shows)

Best Screenplay: Olivia Mowry (Into Rough Waters, film)

Best Film Director: Caleb Daniels (All The Difference)

Best Film Actor: Grant Douglas (multiple films and TV shows)

Best Film: Stages, Samantha Laurenti, Melissa Gunter & Peter Varberg

Best Overall TV Performer & Best Consumer Reporter: Annie Miller


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