Department Hosts 14th Annual Television and Film Festival

Monday, September 17, 2012


Point Loma Nazarene University

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Date: September 12, 2012

Written by: Kalyn McMackin


Communication and Theatre Department Hosts 14th Annual Television and Film Festival

                The Communication and Theatre Department held its 14th annual PLNU TV and Film Festival on April 26 in Solomon Theatre. Sponsored by Point TV-Channel 23, PLNU’s student operated cable television station and TV-film production company, the festival highlighted the best student television and film work. Awards were handed out in 18 different categories.

                “It’s a celebration of the work of media communication and broadcast journalism students from this past year,” said Alan Hueth, professor of Communication Studies.  “It’s a celebration of excellence and in some cases above average work.”

                Many of the projects selected, included short films, news and television broadcasts and independent projects.

                The short film, License and Registration, took home the award for best film. “Our award reflected the immense amount of work we put into the film, and the synergy we had as a team, each inputting our specific talent,” said Josh Vandeermeer, both the director and editor.

                Vandeermeer was also awarded “Best Film Editing” and “Best Film Direction”.

            Editor Katie Rose said, “One of the days we shot it was pouring rain. I remember standing out in the middle of the street, with a trash bag poncho on, the camera lined in plastic, and holding the boom pole with a green umbrella duct taped over it.”

            “To say the least it was a lot of hard work and a lot of time consumed in the editing bay, but it was all worth it,” said Rose.

                Earning the award for “Best Point TV Show” was Late Night Loma, a sketch comedy much like that of Saturday Night Live. “It was an honor for Late Night Loma to be recognized as the best show on Point TV, and I guess it meant that all the time and effort I put in the show was recognized, so that was nice,” said Joshua Hill, Late Night Loma’s producer.

                Freshman Grant Douglass and Olivia Mowry earned awards for both “Best Film Soundtrack” and “Best Intro Project” with their short films Puck’s Spell and The Cycle.

                Two of the highest awards given included the Communication and Theatre Department’s award for Excellence in Media Communication and the Carol LeBeau Award for outstanding Broadcast  Journalism Major. Senior Madison Dyer and Christina Grijalva took home the trophies. Grijalva was also awarded “Best Leadership and Service” for her work as Coastline News Manager.

Other awards included:

Best TV Director: Cory Clifton

Best Actor: Chelsea Brock

Outstanding Achievement in TV Performance: Annie Miller

Best TV Editor: Kelsey Low


Congratulations to this year’s winners!


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