Dr. Lynn Reaser Selected for Business Economics Journal

Thursday, February 10, 2011

“The New Economic Reality: How New and How Real?”

Dr. Lynn Reaser’s original research paper “The New Economic Reality: How New and How Real?” appeared in the January 2011 (Vol. 46, Number 1) edition of Business Economics, published by Palgrave Macmillan. Business Economics is a refereed journal that serves as an essential resource and provides practical information for people who apply economics in their jobs, and a leading international journal of economics.

In the current issue, only six articles were selected and published including one by the current Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve Board; the Chief Executive of the Tenth District Federal Reserve Bank; a Senior Economist at Wells Fargo; and a Professor of Economics from the Villanova School of Business. Dr. Reaser’s article is her keynote address from the annual convention supplemented with many original charts and graphs created by Dieter Mauerman, FBEI Economic Research Assistant.

To view a copy of her article click here. FBEI_Business_Economics_Journal_2011.pdf