FAQ Friday - Chapel

Friday, March 25, 2011


1.    Do students have to attend chapel?
          +    At PLNU, spiritual growth opportunities are priority, so we do ask that our students attend a certain number of chapels each semester.  That number varies, based on several things, including what year you are, if you live on or off campus, etc.  Check out the guidelines here.
2.    How many chapel sessions are offered?
          +    Chapel meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 9:45 a.m.-10:30 a.m.  There are no classes offered during chapel, so it’s easy to attend!  We also offer an evening based chapel option called Time Out, which is completely facilitated by our students.
3.    Who speaks in chapel?
          +    PLNU is blessed to have several full time staff members who work to make our chapel services amazing.  Our full time chaplain, Mark Carter is connected to our student body not just through speaking in chapel several times a month, but also in staying connected to our student body in many ways.  We see him in chapel, all over campus, with students in our local off campus neighborhood having coffee…he’s even an avid surfer, so you can often find him out catching a wave with students.  Mark is also involved in helping select other speakers for chapel.  Since chapel is offered four times per week, we do our best to keep it varied so it stays relevant in your life.  We have students speak, community leaders, world famous authors, professors, local pastors…the list goes on and on!  See the Spring 2011 schedule here
4.    Can I visit a chapel to get a good idea about what it’s like?
          +    We encourage our visitors to check out chapel!  Let us know when you’re setting up your visit, and plan to visit on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday, and we’ll make it happen!
5.    Is every chapel the same format?
          +    It’s definitely not.  Chapel is offered four times per week, and we want it to be something that’s relevant to you!  Sometimes chapel is music and a speaker.  Sometimes it’s just music.  Sometimes you’ll hear from student speakers.  Sometimes you only meet with your major or class during chapel.  It’s pretty rare that you have the same format of chapel twice in a week! If you want to see what chapel is like, you can check out the chapel archives and listen live to chapel on your computer.
6.    Who does music for chapels?  What’s it like?
          +    PLNU has the best worship music around!  Led by George Williamson, our full time Director of Worship ministries, chapel bands are made up of students, and provide chapels and events with worshipful music each week.  The chapel bands are diverse in everything but quality, so some are acoustic, some are full bands, some focus on traditional music…there are many ways to experience worship at PLNU!
7.    Can I listen to chapel online?
          +    Absolutely.
8.    What’s Time Out?
          +    Offered as a chapel option on Wednesday evenings in PLNU’s Rec Room, Time Out is a time for students to worship through reflection, prayer, scripture, silence, and music. Music is typically led by one of our chapel bands, but we occasionally invite special guests. This weekly meeting provides a time for students to break away from the stress of college and worship with a community of believers in an informal setting.  Time Out is largely planned and facilitated by our students!