FAQ Friday - Confirmation Deadline

Friday, April 29, 2011

Confirmation Deadline

Oh yeah, when is that?
          +    It’s Monday, May 2!

What do I have to submit?
          +    In order to secure your space in Point Loma’s fall class, we need your Personal Profile, your Health History Form and either your Housing Form, or Off Campus Housing Request, in addition to your deposit of $425!

I’m still thinking about it…can I send in my deposit late?
          +    Good question.  That May 2 deadline is important, because that’s when all of your information goes out to Residential Life and Academic Advising so they can start working on your roommate and course schedule.  If you miss the deadline, you’ll be at the bottom of those piles.  No one wants that!  Also, because of our capped enrollment, PLNU’s class will be completely full.  We often can’t work with people after May 2 for that reason. 

          +    If you’re concerned about your ability to make the May 2 deadline, get in touch with your Counselor ASAP, and they can speak with you about your specific situation.

I think I submitted everything…right?
          +    It’s always worth double checking!  Contact the Admissions office today!  Admissions@pointloma.edu, 800-733-7770 or 619-849-2273.

I submitted my online forms, but haven’t sent in my immunization records yet.  How do I do that?
          +    PLNU’s Wellness Center does need a copy of your immunization records and a copy of your proof of insurance as soon as you can send them.  Just copy and mail to:
PLNU Wellness Center
3900 Lomaland Dr.
San Diego, CA 92106

I submitted my three forms, paid my deposit and sent my immunization records.  Is there anything else you need?
          +    At this point, you’re set!  Nice work.  Eventually, when your semester is over, we’ll need your final high school transcripts, and your official AP scores (if you’ve taken any tests), but until then, you’re good to go.

I did all of that on time.  When will I hear from you next?
          +    Congrats!!  All of your hard work is done!  You can expect a mailing about New Student Orientation next month.  Throughout the summer, you’ll get information about housing, your roommate and your classes.  Then in August, you’ll get your specific move-in time (if you’re living on campus)…and then you’re here!  We can’t wait.