FAQ Friday - Dual Enrollment

Friday, May 20, 2011

FAQ Friday—Dual Enrollment

1.    I’m in high school, but I’m also taking classes at a community college.  Do I get credit at PLNU for the college classes?
          +    Way to be proactive!  You can certainly get college credit for college classes, and just about every class that your high school will give you credit for will also get you credit at PLNU.  Most high schools offer dual-enrollment credit for intro style classes—Intro to Biology, College Calculus, etc.  If those are the types of classes you’re taking for college credit, odds are, you’ll get credit here too!  There are a few exceptions, like if your PLNU major requires that you take a class here on campus as a prerequisite for upper division courses, but even in cases like those, you’ll generally get elective credit (which you also need to graduate) for those classes. 

2.    My school is a part of Running Start.  Do I get PLNU credit for those classes?
          +    Definitely.  We have a ton of students who apply with Running Start units, and we offer PLNU credit for those units!

3.    How do I make sure PLNU knows that the classes on my high school transcripts are college classes, so I can get credit?
          +    If you’re admitted to PLNU and decide to attend, once all of your college classes are completed, you’ll need to request an official transcript from the other college offering you credit to be sent to PLNU.  Even if those college classes are on your high school transcripts, we’ll need to see the official college transcripts so we are able to see where the credit is from, how many units of credit you got, and the college course number (all of which are crucial in determining how many credits you get here at PLNU).  Once those college transcripts come in, the Office of Records will evaluate them, and you’ll get credit here at PLNU, based on your units and grades!

4.    How are college classes taken in high school figured into my overall high school GPA?  Are they weighed?
          +    We weigh college classes like your high school does.  If they’re on your high school transcripts as Honors or AP classes, we’ll weigh them accordingly.  If your high school records them as general classes, that’s how they’ll be weighed here.  Check with your high school for more information about how they record these classes!

5.    I have taken XX number of college units as a high school student.  Will I enter PLNU as a freshman, or based on my college credits, as a sophomore or junior?
          +    We don’t want you to miss out on any opportunity for financial aid here at Point Loma, so if you’re a high school senior with enough units to be a college sophomore or junior, you’ll be treated as both!  That means for scholarships and admission, you’ll be treated as a first-time freshman applicant (based on when you graduate high school—if you haven’t graduated, you’re a first-time freshman), because only first-time freshmen can be considered for our highest academic scholarships.  However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t get your college credit!  All of your transferrable classes will still transfer to Point Loma, and you’ll be considered a college student based on the number of units you bring in.  So that means you could be a first-time freshman AND a college sophomore at the same time!   Best of every world!!

6.    What counts for more credit—college classes or AP classes?
          +    It all depends on which subject you're looking to fulfill. For example: if you take a 4 unit college calculus course and receive at least a D-, those units will transfer (BUT- a bad grade will affect your GPA at PLNU!). If you take the AP Calculus test and get a 2, you won't receive credit for any courses here at PLNU. But if you score at least a 3 on the Calculus exam, you will receive 4 units of "CR" (credit). Before choosing a test subject, take a look at our AP Credit Guide to see which tests we accept and what score you will need. Also, make use of our GE Transfer Guide to select transferable college courses. If you were thinking of taking both (the AP exam and the equivalent college course)... we can only give you credit for the same course once, so we will favor the college course with the grade over the AP score.

7.    I’m coming to PLNU in the fall, but want to take college classes in the summer before I start.  Will they count toward PLNU?
          +    You can definitely take classes that can transfer to PLNU before you start here, but we would recommend that you check in that they will transfer BEFORE you take them.    The General Education Transfer Guide is a great place to start—it will help you pick classes that are most likely to be compatible.  Also, if you’re at a local SoCal community college, you can check out our Transfer Guides, which are lists of classes that are already guaranteed to transfer to PLNU!  If you have specific questions about specific classes, contact your Admissions Counselor!

8.    Can I take college classes at another college while I’m a PLNU student for PLNU credit?
          +    You can!  Once you’re here, you’ll want to meet with the Office of Records to find out when, where you can take classes, and which classes you can take!