FAQ Friday - High School Admissions

Friday, May 13, 2011

High School Admissions

1.    How do I figure out who my Admissions Counselor is?
          +    We assign Admissions Counselors based on where you go to school.   Click here to find yours!
2.    What classes should students take in High School?
          +    Our students come from all of the world, and have taken advantage of many different types of education—public high schools, charter schools, Christian schools, homeschool programs, international schools, and more!  Because of that, we don’t have specific high school course requirements—we just have recommendations that we think will help you be best prepared to be a PLNU student.  You can find those here.
3.    Will my AP tests count as college credit?
          +    YES.  Nice work getting ahead of the game!  Click here for the chart of how your AP scores will give you PLNU credit!
4.    What’s the timeline for the Admissions process?
          +    Excellent question.  We have a yearly calendar that will let you know exactly where you are at any point!
5.    When should I apply?
          +    PLNU has three major admissions deadlines.  High school seniors can apply Early Action, which means that you hear from us early (but is non-binding!  See Application FAQ #2!), if your application is complete by November 15 of your senior year.  Transfer students who want to begin in the Spring (January start) need to complete their applications by October 1, and high school seniors and/or transfers who don’t apply Early Action or for Spring must have their applications completed by February 15!
6.    What’s Early Action?
          +    Early Action is a program for high school seniors who are seriously considering PLNU.  If you have all of your application materials in by November 15 of your senior year, you’re an Early Action applicant.  That means that you’ll hear from us regarding admission before Christmas, and it also ensures that you’re considered for every possible scholarship!  Also, it’s non-binding, which means if you’re admitted early, you still have the choice as to where you attend!