FAQ Friday - Studying Abroad

Friday, March 4, 2011

Welcome to FAQ Fridays, where we take the questions we get most and answer them…maybe before you’ve even thought to ask. This week we'll be answering your questions about how, when and where you can study abroad. One in three students study abroad at PLNU and we hope you'll be one of those students too!

Study Abroad

1.     Where can I study?
Basically…anywhere!  Check out our many programs in Africa, South and Central America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the South Pacific!  Students have studied in more than 50 countries, and we work with programs on every continent (including Antarctica…but no one actually goes to that one).

2.     How much does it cost?

Good news…when you go abroad through PLNU, you don’t have to pay PLNU tuition and fees—you just pay your program cost.  And our Study Abroad employees work diligently to find programs that are comparable in cost or cost less than a semester at Point Loma.  There are also scholarships specific to students who study abroad!

3.     When can I go abroad?

You can start your travels as soon as your sophomore year!

4.     Is it safe??

Definitely.  Our Study Abroad staff does everything in its power to ensure that you’re safe when you’re abroad.  That includes visiting programs before we send students there, pre-departure education and training for students, and staying in constant contact with each program while students are there!

5.     I’m a Nursing major…can I study abroad?

You sure can.  Generally, in our more prescriptive majors that have very specific semester schedules (we want you to graduate in four years!), we recommend that students take advantage of our many summer study abroad programs!

6.     Will the classes I take abroad count toward my PLNU degree?  Will this set me behind, academically?

One of the many great things about PLNU’s Study Abroad Office is how involved they are in your decision to study abroad.  Once you pick a place, they will work to pre-approve all of your coursework in order to ensure that you are taking relevant, transferrable courses while you’re abroad.  We don’t want taking advantage of studying abroad to set you behind on your four-year graduation track!

7.     Do my scholarships count toward study abroad?

State and federal financial aid typically applies to study abroad programs.  Institutional aid, such as PLNU grants and scholarships, do not apply to programs taken abroad unless study abroad is listed in the catalog as a requirement for your major/minor.  However, your semester abroad should not affect your eligibility for such aid upon your return.Don't forget, there are also scholarships specific to students who study abroad!

8.     How do I start the process of studying abroad?

First of all, check out their website!  There are a ton of resources there for you to peruse at anytime!  For specific program inquiries, program admission and/or general questions about the Study Abroad program, please email StudyAbroad@pointloma.edu or call the PLNU Study Abroad Office (619) 849-2972.  Also, as visitors to campus, you can attend a prospective student Study Abroad Session!  Just let us know when you want to visit!