KPLR Hosts First Acoustic Showcase

Thursday, July 22, 2010

KPLR Hosts First Acoustic Showcase

by Ray Ashworth
Published in The Point Weekly on April 26, 2004

What could be better than a free concert?  That's what KPLR, the PLNU radio station, set out to answer this semester.  Taking its cue from pop culture, the station decided to add a new twist to PLNU's typical concert fare.

"It's kind of like 'American Idol' meets 'Musoffee," said Jesse Artigue, KPLR's promotions director.

The event, entitled KPLR's Acoustic Showcase, took place in May.  It featured student artists from PLNU performing acoustically, not only for an audience, but also for judges from the recording industry.  These judges critiqued each artist's performance, telling the performers what was good about their song, as well as what needs improvement.

"KPLR is all about the student experience, and we wanted our second event of the year to be constructive and helpful," said Jason Carter, KPLR station manager.  "Through the years we've developed contacts and resources, and figured we'd use them help out the students."

The panel of judges included Lori Lenz from Biscuit Public Relations.  She does PR work for several bands including Anberlin, Number One Gun, and Spoken.  Also attending was Cindy Suprenant, president of Indite Records, a new label in San Diego, and Chris Modl, PLNU senior who does artist and repertory work for Rolling Thunder Studios.

KPLR's music director, Lindsay Olson, was instrumental in getting these industry insiders to come.  Olson, who wants to work in the music industry, has made several connections from working as KPLR's music director for the past two years.  It was her job to secure the judging panel.

"I was nervous about it at first, but honestly, the executives were very excited," said Olson.  "I presented the idea, and they said it would be a lot of fun, which made my job a lot easier."

The Acoustic Showcase offered cash prizes of $50 for both the grand prize winner and runner-up.  The judges were given score cards to rate each performer and the performer with the most points in the end won.

While the Acoustic Showcase was a win for the performers, KPLR didn't forget about its fans.  Not only was the event free, but the audience had the chance to win plenty of door prizes from merchandise to local restaurant gift certificates.