Media Communication Major Wins Top PLNU Student Award

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Point Loma Nazarene University

Contact: Nicholle Jaramillo

Point TV: Channel 23 Marketing & Promotions Mgr.

Advisor: Alan Hueth (619) 849-2358

Date: December 16, 2010

Written by: Nicholle Jaramillo



Media Communication Major Wins Top PLNU Student Award


Every year, two soon-to-be PLNU graduates are awarded the prestigious Samuel and Susanna Wesley Honors Thesis Award.  This award goes to the two most outstanding honors thesis projects/papers for that year.  Of the forty (or so) honors thesis projects completed this past year, one of the spring, 2010, awards went to Nicole Andelfinger, a media communications major.  The award was based on her feature-length screenplay script project titled ‘Bottle Cap.’

Her faculty sponsor for the project, Dr. Alan Hueth, saw great potential in the first draft of the project. 

“Nicole put a lot of thought and effort into the most critical components of a screenplay —the characters and the plot, and I was quite impressed with that first draft.  I knew right away that she had something special,” said Hueth.

 ‘Bottle Cap’ focuses on Conrad, an ex-Nazi concentration camp worker, who is haunted by a young boy he befriended, then killed during the war. To save his marriage and family, Conrad must forgive himself through friendship with a young boy in the hospital.  Andelfinger wrote this over a one year period, starting in the fall 2009, while at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC).  Her return to campus in the spring, 2010, semester included some adjustments and rewrites. 

“You give birth to this idea, you agonize over how to care for it, eventually write something down in a blind panic, look back at it later and wonder when it fell in with the wrong crowd,” said Andelfinger. “You end up shaping it into something that gets close to your, the author's, usually unrealistic high standards.”

The 2010 graduate always wanted to write a screenplay about the power of forgiving yourself.  Andelfinger’s Grandfather was a German soldier and mechanic in WWII, and never discussed his experiences with others.  She decided to delve deeper into the post-war psyche of a soldier.   

“I'm not big into war movies in general, but the idea of what happens afterward is something that I think, on a deep level, interests and moves everyone,” said Andelfinger. “Thus, I wondered what living after the war, in America was like, and if he ever did spend a quiet night lost in an era that is long since passed.”

            Projects up for last year’s Samuel and Susanna Wesley Honors Thesis Award included everything from science and documentaries to business and Spanish projects.  Dr. Hadley and Dr. Mann chose Andelfinger’s screenplay amongst 32 other submitted projects.  Both Dr.’s sat through and evaluated every submission. 

Andelfinger was quite surprised about winning the award.

I'm a big proponent of the arts.  But in all honesty, I thought for sure that the award would go to a science project.  As beautiful and moving as art can be, that's just how these competitions always seem to go,” said Andelfinger.  “So when my name was called, I was shocked, thrilled and a trillion other emotions, but mostly thrilled.”

Since the competition, Andelfinger has written a fourth draft of ‘Bottle Cap’, and is submitting it in hopes that it will win awards and some professional industry feedback.  


For more information regarding ‘Bottle Cap’ and its progress please contact Nicole Andelfinger at