Networking & The Dealmakers Breakfast: A Student Perspective

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Fermanian School of Business and those affiliated with the school encourage students to actively pursue networking opportunities.  There is a consistent emphasis put on effective business communication and the details of how we ought to dress, what we should say, and who we should say it to.  As a student, I have heard many of my peers dismiss the idea of networking with comments like, "That's too much work."  We have heard spiels advocating for these professional social interactions, but we haven't heard a lot from the perspectives of students.  Is networking really as important as the professors say it is?  My answer to that: absolutely. 

When I first came to Point Loma Nazarene University, the Fermanian Business & Economic Institute was still located on-campus.  Their focus on undergraduate students at this time filled the year with events that we were encouraged to attend.  Even as a freshman I made valuable connections.  At the very first event I went to my freshman year I met a small business owner, Kim Jones.  Initially the connection seemed irrelevant to me because she was in marketing and I was an Industrial Organizational Psycholoy major interested in Human Resources.  Regardless, I connected with her on LinkedIn and the summer before sophomore year she became an extremely valuable connection to me -- since I had switched my major to marketing.  After reaching out to her I scored an awesome marketing internship working as her intern at Canopy Marketing.  An internship obtained thanks to attending a networking event.  But this isn't the only time my presence at a networking event benefited me.

On February 6, 2014 the Office of Strengths and Vocation sponsored a 'Succesful Branding' event that I went to.  The event featured 5 professional panelists that I had the pleasure of conversing with afterwards.  Having already gotten a great internship, I was not really interested in hunting for a job.  Though this was not my pursuit, a few days following the event one of the panelists, Scott Schimmel, contacted me with a job opportunity as a PR/event planning intern for his company, YouSchool.

Clearly events faciliate a great environment to make great connections.  The good news is that one of these exciting opportunities is coming up.  The annual "Dealmakers of the Year" Business Breakfast is going to be held April 10, 2014 at the Liberty Station Conference Center.  Although the primary purpose of the event is to recognize individuals and businesses that display honorable practices for the San Diego region, it is also strategically set up to be the premiere networking event for us students.  The way this is designed is for students to be seated with one of our top industry choices.  They have set it all up for us, now all we have to do is register, show up, and network!

Click here and register for your seat at #Dealmakers2014 and choose your top three industries to build your network! 

(Written by Alicia Wagoner)