Please Pardon Our Dust

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

As part of PLNU’s commitment to sustainability, large-scale solar panel construction will soon begin on campus.

As with PLNU’s past solar projects, this one will be beautiful and will contribute to a cleaner, less-polluted campus. Panels be set up at seven additional locations around campus and will account for 600 kilowatts of power. This will reduce carbon dioxide emissions equal to removing over 2,000 cars from San Diego highways! The additional panels will contribute to PLNU’s existing 330-kilowatt system and will increase the percentage of energy from solar power to 58 percent (up from 35 percent) at peak production times.

Construction is expected to run from December to April.

Because of the considerable nature of this undertaking, we ask for forbearance and understanding from our Point Loma neighbors. Please contact Megan Ekard at (619) 849-2298 with any questions or concerns.