PLNU Celebrates Tuition Freedom Day

Thursday, March 15, 2012

At PLNU, tuition currently covers only 76 percent of the education costs for a PLNU student.  In fact, never in the history of our university has tuition covered the entire cost of a student’s education. Who's paying the other 24 percent? PLNU receives generous financial support, both large and small, from alumni contributions, donor gifts, corporate sponsorships, and foundations. That means each student who attended PLNU was helped by others who gave to subsidize the cost of education. 

On March 14, PLNU students celebrated Tuition Freedom Day. The PLNU Alumni Association took the initiative to ASB leaders and Student Congress two years ago and all three have collaborated on designing this event since. On this day, PLNU celebrates and thanks the alumni, donors, corporations, and foundations who provide support for our current and future students. 

To celebrate the fourth annual Tuition Freedom Day, students enjoyed music, coffee, and pastries in the Rec Room while writing thank you notes to alumni and other donors who have contributed to their education. T-shirts were also distributed to students to raise awareness.