PLNU Hosts Hume SD

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


June 18 through July 13, PLNU is hosting Hume SD, a Christian summer camp for high school and junior high students. The original Hume Lake Christian summer camp is in Ponderosa Pines, northern Calif., and has now expanded to new sites in San Diego and New England. This year’s speakers include Chris Simning, Chuck Bomar, and Mike Smith.

Recreational activities offered to the campers include a climbing wall, air soft, basketball and volleyball, the rec room, beach access and transportation, surfboard rentals and surfing lessons, kayaking, and more. Students gather for chapel and small group discussions two times a day and enjoy free time the rest of the day. During free time, campers can put what they’re learning at camp into practice through outreach opportunities. Campers can partner with different ministries to reach out to the homeless in San Diego and even with Vacation Bible School in Mexico.

This summer’s theme is “The Phantastical Journey of the Wandering Lites.” The messages will reflect the Israelites’ story “as they literally followed the visible presence of God out of Egypt, yet still rejected, replaced, and simply forgot His provision and guidance.” The speakers will emphasize God’s sufficiency even in our “wavering faith.” 

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