PLNU Students Celebrate Tuition Freedom

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On Wednesday, March 19th PLNU students celebrate the fact that 75% of the school year is complete. More than benchmark toward summer break, this celebration marks the remaining 25% of the school year that is covered by gifts from alumni, donors, churches, corporations, foundations and other sources. 

Tuition Freedom Day 2014 celebrates the fact that tuition currently covers only 75% of the education costs for a PLNU student.  Never in the history of PLNU has tuition covered the entire cost of a student’s education.  The remaining portion is covered through generous financial support PLNU receives as alumni contributions, donor gifts, corporate sponsorships, and foundation support.  

The Alumni Association established Tuition Freedom Day in 2008.  This year PLNU is partnering with Student Senate, ASB, Sodexo and Bartell Hotels to host the 6th annual event.  This celebration aims to increase awareness of generous gifts given to support PLNU students and also to provide an opportunity for students to express their gratitude.  After Chapel, students can enjoy coffee and pastries in the ARC (Activities and Recreation Center) while writing thank you notes to alumni, churches, corporations, foundations and other donors who have contributed to their education. 

In 2013, 518 thank you notes were written by students during Tuition Freedom Day.   This year the Alumni Office hopes to cross the 600 mark!  “Whether or not we realized it, each one of us who attended this university was helped by others who gave to subsidize the cost of our education” says Sheryl Smee, Executive Director of Alumni Relations at PLNU. “This has become an annual event to highlight the difference made in students' lives, through generous alumni support, and the impact we can make in the lives of countless future students through our faithful giving.”

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