PLNU Students Continue to Lead at Los Angeles Film Studies Center

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Point Loma Nazarene University
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Date: October 29, 2012
Written by: Kalyn McMackin

PLNU Students Continue to Lead at Los Angeles Film Studies Center

Have you ever been interested in creating a short film worthy of being displayed at a festival or ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in a movie production? Well, Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) students are experiencing just that at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center.

 “It’s one of 12 programs that is sponsored by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU),” said Alan Hueth, professor of Communication.  “They have 60 students that come from  Christian colleges and universities all over  America…over 100 schools are members of the CCCU.” 

 For the past 14 years, PLNU has sent more than 40 students to participate in the program. Alongside film courses, students also have the opportunity to gain real experience through an internship of their choice.

 “What they do is they focus completely on film production, writing, and exhibition of films while at the LAFSC,” said Hueth. “There are no literature classes or history or general education stuff outside of the film classes, so they really have a great chance to just focus on filmmaking for a semester.”

 Senior media communications major, Eric Hill, is currently attending LAFSC and said that his experience so far has been nothing short of a learning opportunity.

 “ I wanted to participate in this program because I knew that I would learn a lot and get to experience what the film industry is really all about,” said Hill. “I've learned that in this town (Hollywood) it is definitely who you know, not exactly what you know and that hard work and a good attitude can take you a long way.”

Hill also emphasized that in his time at LAFSC, he has learned one valuable lesson about himself that has helped him as a filmmaker.

 “One area that I've seen myself grow in is storytelling,” said Hill. “I've learned a lot of tips that many screenwriters use in tons of movies that help me communicate my message and also seem appealing to producers.”

 As part of the curriculum, students are assigned to participate in one of four large-group film projects—with each group responsible for creating a short film.

 “Those [films] are supposed to be the best work that they do and the goal is that they produce films that are festival worthy,” said Hueth.

 For the past several years, students from PLNU have continued to take on the leadership roles within those groups, something that Hueth believes can be attributed to the learning experience these students receive at Point Loma before going to the LAFSC.

 “Our students tend to be the leaders…writers, producers, directors, directors of photography (DP’s), or editors, and it’s because our system allows students to get a lot of hands-on learning experience beginning in their freshman year,” said Hueth.  “Some of our past students have even shot two substantial, festival-worthy films before they even get to the LAFSC.  I think that helps pave the way for leadership positions on the LAFSC projects.”

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